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    Manage diabetes and protect your family. Find a sharps disposal container that keeps used syringes and lancets out of harm's way

  • Regular monitoring of your blood sugar means you’ll have hazardous medical waste such as lancets and needles, known as “sharps,” to dispose of in your home. Sharps containers are designed for convenient and secure disposal of your diabetes-related sharps. You’ll need at least one in your home, as “sharps” cannot be disposed of in your regular garbage. Sharps containers are usually red, although some are yellow or white, and are imprinted with the biohazard symbol on the front.

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    Tips for Buying a Sharps Disposal Container

    When choosing a sharps disposal container for your home, make sure you consider the following features:

    Size of sharps container. Determine the size you need based on how many times a day you check your blood sugar and take insulin — make sure it’s large enough to accommodate both the size and quantity of needles you’re using.

    Safety. A well-made sharps container will be durable, puncture-resistant and leak-resistant, as well as extremely difficult to open once sealed.

    Convenient design. Make sure you choose one that easily accommodates the types of sharps you’re using. Pay attention to where and how you insert objects into the sharps container so it’s easy for you to use. Some sharps containers have temporary lids; some cannot be reopened once closed.

    Disposal. For ease of disposal, you should choose a sharps container that includes returns via the U.S. Postal Service. The cost of destruction and mailing is included in the purchase price, making disposal convenient and affordable. If you choose a sharps container that does not include this service, you’ll need to make arrangements with a local medical waste disposal company since you cannot put sharps in your regular garbage.

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