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    Whether you’re a caregiver, or dealing with incontinence on your own, we can help you find products to help minimize discomfort and and prevent accidents.

  • Whether you’re a caregiver, or dealing with incontinence on your own, there are plenty of products designed to help minimize discomfort and embarrassment for all concerned. Make accidents easy to clean — and keep incontinence from being a major inconvenience — with aids such as disposable undergarments, reusable mattress covers, and a variety of cleansing sprays and wipes.

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    Tips for Buying Incontinence Products

    1. Consider wearable protection. To prevent accidents from soiling clothing and furniture, your first line of defense against incontinence is adult protective undergarments such as disposable briefs, guards, pads and sanitary napkins. Have a variety of options on hand for different situations.
    2. Keep the bed clean and dry. An assortment of reusable and disposable mattress covers and absorbent underpads are available depending on your incontinence needs. Consider how often you’ll need to replace or wash the covers and how easy it will be to do so. Disposable underpads are great for protecting chairs, couches and even wheelchair cushions. Read more about bedroom safety aids.
    3. Try an extra toilet, if frequently needed. Promote independence and help prevent accidents by having a bedside commode within easy reach. Explore bathroom aids to learn more.
    4. Minimize chafing with personal cleansing cloths. Many caregivers and healthcare professionals are fans of personal cleansing wipes, which can be softer and easier to use than toilet paper. Look for fragrance-free options if you’re dealing with sensitive skin.
    5. Clean it up. Be prepared for the inevitable accidents. Stock up on everything you need to quickly and easily clean up — antiseptic sprays, disposable cleaning wipes and sanitizing wipes and washes can help you fight germs and bacteria. Consider whether bags or rubber containers are most appropriate for temporary disposal before soiled items go to the garbage or laundry.

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