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    If you’re in the market for hearing aids, let us help you find ones that fit your ears well, are easy to use and save you more.

  • Many people wear hearing aids in one or both ears to help them hear better and live a richer life. If you’re in the market for hearing aids, find ones that fit your ears well and are easy to use. Because some hearing problems can be medically corrected, first visit your doctor and an otolaryngologist (an ear, nose, and throat specialist) for an evaluation.

    Hearing aids vary in price according to style and features. Digital hearing aids tend to be more expensive because of superior sound quality produced by computer chips embedded in the aids. Regardless of the hearing aids you choose, regular cleaning and maintenance is a must to keep them in optimal working condition. Make sure you have what you need for your hearing aids — from cleansers and brushes, to filters and batteries — so that you can stay in the conversation.

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    Tips for Buying Hearing Aids & Accessories

    1. Decide on style and fit. Make sure you get properly fitted based on your particular hearing loss and listening needs, the size and shape of your ear and ear canal, and the dexterity of your hands. There are four main styles of hearing aids: behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aids are placed over the ear and in-the-ear (ITE) hearing aids fill the entire bowl of the ear and part of the ear canal. Smaller versions of ITE hearing aids are called half-shell or in-the-canal (ITC). The least visible hearing aids are completely-in-the-canal (CIC).
    2. Look at warranties and trial periods. To ensure the hearing aids work well for you and your needs, find ones with a trial period. Read the trial period policy and know which fees are refundable if you return the hearing aids. Also look into the warranty coverage for your hearing aids and whether there will be future costs for service or repairs.
    3. Understand the legal language. When buying hearing aids online, be prepared to encounter some legal lingo. Federal law requires a medical evaluation from a licensed physician before you can purchase hearing aids. So if you purchase them online, you must sign or accept a waiver statement declining the medical evaluation since there is no easy way to verify if you’ve had one or not.
    4. Hearing aid cleaning made easy. Earwax and debris build-up can dampen sound quality, so keep your hearing aids in tip-top shape by regularly cleaning them. Look for hearing aid cleaning kits that include cleansers, a wax pick, and small brushes to help you do the job right. And remember; never submerge your hearing aids in water as it can damage them, and make sure they’re completely dry before reassembling.
    5. Clean less with filters. Some hearing aids are designed to be used with disposable filters. These filters prevent earwax from accumulating and dampening the sound, and make your hearing aids easier to clean.
    6. Get equipped with extras for phones and other sound systems. Many hearing aids have special telecoil or "T" switches to aid in the use of telephones and certain public sound systems.
    7. Read hearing aid instructions carefully. Depending on the hearing aid you choose, the manufacturer may recommend replacing certain parts regularly for optimal performance. Read the information on your hearing aids thoroughly so you know what you need to do when. And stock up on supplies before you need them.
    8. Hear well wherever you go. Look for hearing aid travel kits with all the accessories you need for cleaning, repairs, and on-the-go maintenance. Remember to have plenty of hearing aid batteries on hand at all times, including in your purse and travel kit.
    9. Get help from your doctor. If you or a family member has undiagnosed hearing issues or other ear problems, see your doctor for help. Some hearing issues are temporary and can be medically repaired; others are permanent and may be enhanced by properly fitting hearing aids.

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