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  • Is it allergies or the flu?

    Know how to identify the difference in symptoms when you or your loved ones start sniffling or sneezing.

  • The different symptoms

    Here are some key points to keep in mind if you start sniffling or sneezing:

    • Allergies cause itchiness, but colds and flu do not.
    • Colds and the flu cause fevers and achy feelings, but allergies do not.
    • Allergy symptoms kick in right away, but they disappear just as fast — as soon as the allergen (mold, pollen or another irritant) disappears. Cold and flu symptoms take a day or two to develop and then last for a week or more.

    Know how to identify

    Chances are your runny nose doesn't signify the flu, but there several symptoms both allergies and the flu share. Here are some more tips to help you identify an allergic reaction from a cold or the flu:

    • Runny nose: When you blow your nose, is the mucus thin and watery? Then it’s probably an allergy. If it’s a cold, the flu or a respiratory infection, it will be thick and greenish yellow.
    • Sneezing: If it’s an allergy, you will sneeze a lot — and often. If it’s a cold or the flu, you’ll only sneeze occasionally during the time when you are sick.
    • Fever: If it’s an allergy, you won’t have a fever. If it’s a cold or the flu, you may have a low-grade fever. A high fever could be a sign of a more serious respiratory infection.
    • Itching: If it’s an allergy, you will feel itchiness in the eyes, ears, nose or throat. If it’s a cold or the flu, itchiness will be rare.
    • Length: If it’s an allergy, the symptoms can last for weeks to months, depending on how long the pollen or other seasonal allergen is around. If it is a cold or the flu, symptoms should resolve in a week to 10 days.

    Still not sure?

    Keep in mind that allergies tend to run in the family. So if you have symptoms, pay extra attention to your children.

    Take precautions

    If you or your child has allergies, you can make yourself and them feel better with a few common-sense solutions:

    • Wash your hands, face and body thoroughly after playing or exercising outdoors to remove all traces of pollen.
    • Use an air conditioner to filter the air when you are inside.
    • Wear a disposable face mask and sunglasses when doing yard work such as gardening or mowing the lawn.

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